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About the choir:  The Eagan Women of Note (EWON) is  a community choir based in the Twin  Cities south metro area. We welcome adult singers of all musical skill  levels. Our mission is to bring our love of singing to the community through two formal concerts  a year and monthly “sing-outs” at veterans homes, senior living centers, and community  events. EWON typically has about 40 active members. No audition is required to join. Singers  do have the opportunity to audition for solos and ensembles in specific  concert songs. Our  season is composed of two semesters running from September to December and from January  to May. Each semester culminates in a public concert. 

Conductor/ Artistic Director 

 Eagan Women of Note  

 The music director role  The music director of EWON is a part-time role that begins with the 2024-25 season and pays  $5,000 to $7,000 per year.  

Duties and Responsibilities  

1. Implement the mission and vision of Eagan Women of Note, a 501(c)3 nonprofit  organization  

2. Design, coordinate, and direct music programming (repertoire, practice aids,  rehearsals, concerts)  

3. Collaborate with the Board of Directors and attend/ participate in monthly board meetings  (composed entirely of active choir members)  

4. Work with EWON’s music librarian to order and manage music  

5. Use an online platform (Chorus Connection) to communicate digitally with membership,  posting repertoire and schedules  

6. Lead weekly rehearsals (6:30-8:30 p.m. Mondays) from Independent School District 196  buildings in Eagan and Apple Valley (extended rehearsals closer to concerts)  

7. Direct monthly sing-outs at community sites each semester  

8. Manage solo auditions, choose soloists and small-ensemble members, and work with  soloists and ensemble members as needed to prepare them for concerts  

9. Supervise and collaborate with the paid, part-time EWON pianist/ collaborative artist  

Minimum Qualifications  

● Previous choral conducting experience  

● Proficient piano skills  

● Degree in music or fine arts  (Several years of experience of choral conducting may substitute for a degree at the  discretion of the Board.)  

Desired Qualifications  

● 3-5 years as a director or assistant director of a community choir, church choir, or school  choir 

 ● Experience with audio recording for possible learning opportunities (or  willingness to learn)  Hiring Process  

● Candidates will be interviewed by a hiring committee composed of board and choir  members  

● Finalist candidates will be asked to conduct a mini-rehearsal with a group of choir  members

Pianist/ Collaborative Artist  Eagan Women of Note - Eagan, MN  

Part-time  Role Description  : 

The pianist for the Eagan Women of Note is a highly valued and greatly appreciated role in this  treble community choir. You will serve as the rehearsal pianist and accompanist at our  rehearsals and performances: playing vocal parts and accompaniments and occasionally  leading sectionals. As a creative partner, you will also work in collaboration with the director  and choir in the music-making process. Our season is composed of two semesters running from  September to December and from January to May. Each semester culminates in a public  concert.  Time Commitment  : part-time, less than 10 hours per  week 

●   Weekly rehearsals every Monday (September-May) starting at 6:30pm -8:30 pm-  extended rehearsals closer to concert  

●   Possible workshops on Saturdays ( one per semester)  

●   Biannual concerts on Sundays  

●   Community outreach performances monthly on the weekend or a weeknight  Salary:  $4,000-5,000/yr .  Location:  Southeast Metro with a focus in Dakota County.